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- Water Retention Material
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Our water retention material, AQUA-FEED, has some remarkable properties:


Volcano Eruption

In prehistoric times, seas and lakes were populated by diatoms, tiny single-cell creatures rich in silica. Over time, these skeletons accumulated at the bottom of the lakes in which they lived. Periodic volcanic activity added layers of alumna-rich ash to the mix.

Millions of years later, the fossilised lake beds were discovered by Roman builders around Vesuvius, giving rise to the name "Pozzolan". The Romans used pozzolan to improve the quality of concrete, so successfully that we can still see it in buildings standing 2,300 years later.

Techno-Green Corp uses this same mined, amorphous, non crystalline mineral which is processed to create AQUA-FEED.

For those involved in agriculture or horticulture, especially in areas of low rainfall, this ability to save water is indispensable.

Periodic volcanic activity
Layers of alumna-rich ash
Ability to save water

With AQUA-FEED, you use less to grow more.

Physical Analysis
Hydraulic Conductivity
Bulk Density
Pore Space
Non Capillary
Pore Space
10.9 .81 50% 18%

Capillary or water holding pore space is made up of small pores that hold water against the force of gravity retaining much of it for use by the plant. Non-capillary or air holding pore space is made up of larger pores. When drained of water these pores fill with air providing oxygen to the root zone. The physical measurements show that AQUA-FEED . Soil Amendments have a very high amount of total porosity and retain a very high amount of plant available water. Therefore, AQUA-FEED soil amendments will be very effective in increasing the capillary or water filled porosity of a root zone.

Test results determined that the addition of AQUA-FEED soil amendments can beneficially change the water release pattern in the soil profile, eliminating localized dry spots and reducing irrigation requirements.

Many inorganic amendments maintain the ability to absorb moisture. AQUA-FEED has the unique ability to make the majority of this moisture available to the plant.

The ability of a soil amendment to aerate soil is a function of the compaction properties of the material. AQUA-FEED soil amendments blended into a soil horizon result in a dramatic improvement of porosity, attesting AQUA-FEED 's inherent ability to improve the aeration of the soils and reduce compaction.

Ideally, a growing medium has an equal amount of air and water pore space after free drainage. AQUA-FEED is a tool designed to provide the user with the ability to change the physical characteristics of the soil profile, depending upon existing site conditions and environmental influences, in order to produce the most desirable balance between air and water filled pore space.


AQUA-FEED reduces the percolation rated of sand and increases that of clays. Evaporation Is also reduced as less water is used. These combined benefits lead to water savings in excess of 50%.

AQUA-FEED's pore characteristics and silica content Improve the exchange of moisture, nutrients and oxygen in the growing medium.


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