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A natural, amorphorus water retention material for agriculture

Recommended Amendment For Sandy - Clay Soils or Where a
Special Particle Size is Required in The Soil Profile.

100% natural water retention material recommended by USGA

A natural, amorphous, non crystalline, alumina silica mineral which has been calcined in order to obtain grain sizes as recommended by the USGA for use in greens. Reduces compaction due to traffic and continuous irrigation.

Chemical Analysis
SiO2 62-74%
Fe2O3 1.5–8%
Al2O3 11-21%
Total Oxides 87-93%
Physical Characteristics
Hydraulic conductivity 25cm/hr which is within the 15.3—30.4cm/hr range as recommended by the USGA.
Bulk Density Low bulk density of 0.81g/cc and a low particle density of 2.49g/cc.
Porosity High 67.7% total porosity, a very high 50% capillary porosity, and an acceptable 17.7% air filled porosity.
All parameters are within USGA guidelines.
Stability 3% degradation over a 20 year period. This far exceeds the greater than 12% over a 20 year period which is an unacceptable degradation as recommended by the USGA.
Retained Moisture

0.03 bar - field saturation
15 bar - Maximum amount of water that can be removed by plants

Calcined grade product

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