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Aqua-Feed- Helps to balance the pH factor of the soil
Aqua Feed Water Retention Material AQUA-FEED
- Water Retention Material
- Water Retention Material
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AQUA-FEED – a completely organic, naturally occurring mineral.

Aqua-Feed Increases Moisture Retention in Soil

Pozzolan, which we call AQUA-FEED is surface mined in North America. The product was formed 26million years ago when nearby volcanoes erupted and sent silica ash, Ryolite, thousands of meters into the atmosphere where it expanded, forming amorphous silica chambers. The ash then fell into a cold deep lake containing large amounts of protozoa called Diatoms. These tiny organisms whose silica shell was extremely porous and absorbent allowed the efficient movement of water through their body. The pure silica of the Diatoms shell added to the structure of the Ryolite giving it the unique properties which we have applied to agriculture and horticulture.

The principle of absorbing water is through the vast honeycomb of pore space where in excess of 60% by volume of water is retained with the balance being air. AQUA-FEED's Moisture Release Curve is very efficient, releasing 95% of the retained water back to the vegetation between saturation and theoretical wilt point.

AQUA-FEED does not attract or retain salts, and is permanent, being applied only once. Water is getting scarce, and in some cases very expensive.


Tests show that the addition of AQUA-FEED to the soil profile provides the following results:

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