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Golf Course Construction:
Meeting The United States Golf Association recommendations

Sierra Testing Laboratories
The USGA recommend. testing the stability of golf course green building materials. This is accomplished by using the ASTM C-88 Sulfate Soundness Test. Greater than 12% degradation over a 2O-year period is unacceptable.

Techno - Greens's AQUA-FEED 'C' Soil Amendment far exceeds this recommendation by degrading less than 3%.

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Texas Tech University Click here to download PDF

Bentgrass Establishment In Sand -Based Rootzones using subsurface Drip Irrigation

Jumeirah Golf Estates Click here to download PDF

Soil amendment trials – a study of AQUA-FEED and AQUA-FEED 'C' for water conservation, and Nature’sBio® Custom Blended Humates as the organic source in dune sand to establish 419 Bermuda grass grown from sprigs.

Techno-Green Corp provided the products and the installation protocols for AQUA-FEED, AQUA-FEED'C' and Nature’sBio® Custom Blended Humates, with Mathew Dobson – Golf Course Manager, and Mark Tupling – Golf Course Superintendent from Jumeirah Golf Estates overseeing the installation and providing their expertise for irrigation, nutrient requirements, turf management, monitoring, and reporting.

The report is shown with Techno-Green results only being a requirement of the legal department of the Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Techno-Green Corp. sincerely thank Matthew Dobson, and Mark Tupling for their professionalism shown during this testing.

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