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The Koro System, built in The Netherlands by POLS INTERNATIONAL is a revolutionary concept in Sports Turf maintenance. The system was developed by KO Rodenberg to meet his needs for fast and cost-effective maintenance and renovation of around 280 sports fields for which he was responsible as Parks Superintendent for the City of Rotterdam.

It consists of several components, the most important to us in the Middle East being the Field TopMaker and the Recycling Dresser.

Renovation, Smoothing, Levelling, Decompaction And Compaction Monitoring For Soil

From the construction of sports fields, polo pitches, golf courses, and sod farms and throughout its life, Techno-Green Corp’s state of art systems help, obtain and keep the best quality of play.

The Koro Field Monitoring:
Over time a field’s condition will degrade. With the use of Laser Alignment® its condition can be checked and the possible remedial actions taken. Sports fields suffer greatly from compaction due to human traffic and equipment. Using the latest technology from Clegg®, compaction levels can be reported (to international standards set by ASTM Committee F08), and advice given to the required solution.

The Koro Recycling Dresser

Koro’s specialist equipment RD (Recycling Dresser) and FTM (Field Topmaker) are used to remove heavy thatch, and matt, and can smooth, verticut, rotary hoe, shallow till, mow/collect, and mechanically weed.

Levelling og Soil
Smoothing Fields
Techno-Green Corp’s state of art systems helps sports fields, polo pitches, golf courses, and sod farms


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