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Republic of Yemen - Groundwater & Soil Conservation

Republic of Yemen - Groundwater & Soil Conservation Project

The Republic of Yemen, a country dependent on its agriculture industry faced serious economic collapse as the water necessary, after survey, to sustain the agriculture sector was found to have a finite future of 7 years. Immediate steps were taken by the Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation to implement the Irrigation Improvement, and Groundwater Conservation & Soil Projects.

After diligent presentations of their water conservation product “Aqua-Feed” to the Minister of Agriculture & Irrigation and his technical staff, Techno-Green - Yemen was invited to field test in the Al –Hudiedah Tihamah farming belt.

Mr Ali’s farm:Testing of Existing Mango Trees

Two sites were selected, Mr Ali’s farm, and the Dewan Commercial farm. The soil being sandy – loam being ideal for the field testing.

AquaFeed For Agricuture

Mango farm soil amendment by Techno Green Corp.

At Mr Ali’s farm, testing of existing Mango trees and field preparation of an area for water for Water Melons was planned.

Using the normal published protocols 3 Mango trees, marked “Aqua-Feed”, had the growing medium amended with the addition of Aqua-Feed. A further 3 Mango trees we selected and marked “Control”.

In order to control the amount of irrigation applied on “Aqua-Feed” and “Control” it was agreed to use a 55 gallon drum as the irrigation supply source with the “Aqua-Feed” receiving 50% less than “Control”.

Plantations Fields  Treated With AquaFeed Reduces Irrigation Supply
Irrigation Improvement, and Groundwater Conservation For Mango Farms in Yemen

Mr Ali’s farm:Growing Water Melon From Seed
Water Management By  AquaFeed To hold water and Nutrients in Loose Sandy  Soils Soil amendments improve the physical properties of sandy soils to hold sufficient water
Bio-Oraginc Mixture for increasing water and  nutrients retention in an agricultural fields and farms Environmentally beneficial soil amendment

Dewan Commercial Farm
The second site was the Dewan Commercial Farm where areas known to be difficult to support the growth of newly planted Mango trees were selected.
AquaFeed has a great ability to absorb more moisture from soil Agricultural Solutions for Arid and semi-arid regions
 Treating agricultural land to increase water retention capabilities Use of AquaFeed eliminates localized dry spots and reduce irrigation requirements
Again 3 saplings marked “Aqua-Feed” and 3 saplings marked “Control” were planted. The pits for the “Aqua-Feed” saplings were amended using the normal protocol, and that of “Control” using the normal planting medium. The saplings were drip irrigated with those marked “Aqua-Feed” receiving 50% less irrigation to that of “ Control”.
All tests were highly successful.

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