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Al Hamra Golf Club & Resort 2005-2007
Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club 2006-2007
Republic of Yemen - Groundwater & Soil Conservation

Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club 2006-2007

This 9 hole fully floodlit Par 72 - 7300meter couse is not for the fainthearted. It has between 5-7 different tees on every hole, vast water features, large challenging bunkers, and unique undulations.

There is also a 6425 square meter short game area and a 1095 square meter undulating practice green, both of which were opened in 2007.

Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club 2006-2007 - Development process

Techno-Green Corp was called in by the designer Peter Harradine to solve a problem caused by the Treated Sewage Water. The TSE irrigation water had a high fat content and its use on the general landscaping around the club house area, not within the designers responsibility, had caused unwanted weed, poor growth, and unhealthy grass, a situation that was certainly not wanted in the golf course proper.

After evaluating the laboratory analysis of the TSE and growing medium Organic Technology recommended the use of their Custom Blended Humates which were inoculated with suitable bacteria to eliminate the problem.


Golf & Shooting Club - Sharjah
The results speak for themselves
Custom Blended Humates Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club Takes Sahpe
Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club - 5-7 different tees on every hole, vast water features, large challenging bunkers, and unique undulations. Excellent results by using Soil amendment products

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