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The Field TopMaker (or FTM) can be used in a number of ways to level, clean, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as the harvesting of sprigs. It is ideal for use on soccer fields, golf courses, polo fields, municipal grass areas and sod farms.

The quality for intensive and extensively played sports fields is determined by the quantity and quality of the turf, weed infestation, grass plant development, and field levelness. For major renovation there is often very little time or money available and resources need to be used to best advantage.

With the introduction of the Koro Field Top Maker a new working system is realized, with the objective of saving costs and improving quality by tackling turf culture, environmental and surface problems which would be detrimental to play.

The Field Top Maker is the machine to bring turf surfaces into perfect condition. For important sporting events like the Olympic games in Sydney, the machine has proven itself. Elsewhere, in the Turf production sector, especially in warm season grass areas, the machine can be used for sprig harvest and maintenance operations.

The Field Top Maker consists of a series of blades which can be adjusted from 5 cm above the surface to 5 cm below the surface. The cut material can be deflected back on to the surface, or transferred by built-in conveyors direct into trailers for removal off site. The machine has a high working capacdy and fine adjustment is possible. A typical soccer field can be leveled and cleaned in one or two days.

Also available is the Verticut rotor for deep scarifying. The distance between the blades is 4 cm and the working depth can be up to 5 cm if the turf root system allows it.

Level, clean, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas and sports fields
Applications in warm season grass climates

On Turf Production Farms the machine can be used in the following areas to achieve the following advantages;

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