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Improve the quality of the maintenance grass sports fields

The KORO Recycling Dresser improves the quality of the maintenance of grass sports fields, fairways, driving range etc.

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The development of the KORO Recycling Dresser brought a new working method, aiming to save costs and improve the quality of the maintenance grass sports fields, fairways, driving range etc. Quality improvement in its turn will optimize playing conditions.

The annual renovation of sports fields at the end of the competition aims to get rid of playing damage and aeration of the top layer. To carry out this work roperly, you need to supply topdressing material or sand, and aerate intensively.

Using the KORO Recycling dresser the extra aeration and supply of top dressing material is no longer necessary, as the Recycling dresser hauls up to 60 m3 topdressing material from the top layer and spreads it over the field again, whereas the turf remains intact.

Maintenance of Grass Sports Fields

From the agricultural point of view, restoring the field with its own soil is preferable; the structure is the same, and there are no problems with diseases, pests and contaminations such as weed seeds, herbicides, eelworms etc. that could be found in the supplied topdressing material. The machine mixes the top layer. In a mixed, homogeneous top layer there is more biological activity and the grass rooting is deeper. If the topdressing soil is too rich, sanding can take place immediately before or after the topdressing. While overseeding there is a mixing with the hauled up soil and topdressing material is produced there and then. It is also possible to make the soil less rich; when the top layer subsoil is lean. By recycling dressing this lean soil comes to the surface. We strongly advise you to analyse the top layer and determine the operating depth before you start the recycling dressing.

Machine Performance:

The annual renovation of sports fields

While recycling dressing the top layer is loosened up by the cutting blades and coulters, producing topdressing soil and creating ideal overseeding conditions, coupled with a very intensive aeration, comparable to vertidrain or cultivator operation. By means of the dresser belt, the soil is applied to the turf in whirls, so it can be optimally hauled. While dressing soil may also be collected and transported in the dresser container, and brought to a field where more soil is needed, e.g. in goal areas.

Disturbing layers up to a depth of 20 cm are not only broken up, but also dug through and mixed; the water retaining and water draining capacity is considerably improved. The mixing operation eliminates and prevents thatch build-up, bio-mass and layering, provided that it is carried out regularly.

New on the Recycling dresser is the Stone Sieve Unit for sifting stones and rocks, preventing them from reappearing on the field. Another new feature is the Pm-Cutter Roller on the machine: it pre-cuts the coulter and cutting blade paths. Pre-cutting produces a very smooth finish in cold season as well as in warm season grass fields. Furthermore, the cutting distance on the new models is approx. 10 cm narrower for a smoother finish, and the newly designed segmented rear roller presses the cutting and coulter trenches.

Together these modifications produce a very smooth finish.

Operating Procedure:
Mow and maybe sweep the sports field, after the competition has ended. Where necessary, cultivate with the KORO Fieldtopmaker. Then carry out the recycling dressing procedure. After recycling dressing, haul the field. Then operate the KORO Cultirol on goal areas and, where necessary, other parts of the field. Subsequently, (over)seed the entire field crossways using a seeder with roller, e.g. the Vredo. The Vredo provides the best results; the machine's blades cut through the sod and the roller levels the top layer using the loose soil in front of the roller.

Fairways and driving ranges must be mowed and maybe swept previously, then recycling dressed, hauled and overseeded crossways with the Vredo, or rolled and overseeded.

In short, the KORO Recycling dresser has the following advantages:

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