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As new laws are enacted by government regulatory agencies, the use of many chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides will be highly restricted or eliminated completely. In addition, heightened public awareness of the long-term negative effects of traditional chemicals on the environment has created a demand for safe alternatives.


In response to this demand, Organic Technology International, LLC has developed the Nature’sBio® Organic/Bionutrient system, a line of environmentally clean, functionally safe, non-polluting plant foods and soil conditioners. These products all contain a basic mix of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, humic and fulvic acids, bio stimulants, compost tea and natural wetting agents.

The products included in the Nature’sBio® agricultural system are biologically enhanced materials which aid in the conversion of fertilizer ions to complex plant tissues. They augment micronutrient availability. They promote soil aeration and water penetration by encouraging the flocculation of soil particles.

Nature’sBio® has been added to these materials to increase the rate of nutrient absorption, reduce the energy required of the plant to make use of various nutrients, and stabilize the nitrogen movement in the soil. They also introduce a balanced broad spectrum of soil micro-organisms.

These biologicals can also reduce nitrogen requirements due to their ability to make fertilizer materials more efficient. They hold nutrients in the vicinity of the rootlet rhizosphere. They can be nutrient carriers which pick up positively-charged nutrient ions, like calcium and magnesium, under one set of conditions and release them when those conditions change.

They also improve macronutrient and micronutrient uptake in plants by holding cations in forms necessary for absorption by the root and transport through the vascular system. They produce nitrogen, as well as releasing other nutrients, as a by-product of decomposition of crop residue, turf thatch and other organic materials.

Nature's Bio promotes soil aeration
Environmentally clean, functionally safe, non-polluting plant foods
Nature's Bio accelerates absorption of water and improves water hold capacity and penetration.
Nature's Bio Helps Better Growth For Plantations

The biologicals stimulate microbe activity in the soil. They cause a population increase in a wide spectrum of species. This proliferation of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, enzymes and earthworms release nutrients locked away as inorganic compounds in clay or humus fractions of the soil. The increase in the biological fraction of the soil will add to the organic carbon of humus fraction, thus increasing the organic matter which will improve the cation exchange capacity and/or nutrient holding capacity of the soil, as well as the water holding capacity. The increased soil organic matter increases the amount of ambient carbon dioxide which can be absorbed by most vegetation. This translates into greater photosysthesis for those plants, which increases growth, quality and quantity.

The Nature’sBio® agricultural system of biological products also sequesters salts so that they are removed from the surfaces of the solid colloids, both clay and organic. The soil compaction leads to yield reduction because of less root growth. Roots cannot grow without the presence of oxygen. Biologically stimulated soil helps colloidal aggregation and flocculation, thus lessening compaction from heavy equipment traffic. Continued use of biological products strengthens, protects and provides a more ideal environment for root penetration and subsequent capture of essential nutrients and moisture.

Nature’sBio® organic nutrient formulas are alternative products, which are both compatible with and complimentary to other fertilizers. They may be formulated as a complete fertility program, or as a supplement. When they are used as a supplement, you will not need to use as much of your other fertilizers.

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